Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Results of Going to the Park, or Why You Should Put Your Fish Hooks Away

Monday, Erica and I spent the morning outside at the park.  We took her dogs with us and walked around, enjoying the fresh air.  We grabbed some lunch from the grocery store and took it to the local duck pond to eat at a picnic table.  After we finished eating, we took the dogs for a few laps around the pond.  It was then that we found the fish hook.  One of these beautiful dogs could have been seriously hurt by someone's carelessness.

Erica noticed that Skilo seemed to be tangled up in something.  When we realized it was fishing line, Erica held the dogs out of the way while I gathered it up.  Sure enough, there was a rusty old fishing hook at the end of it.  I felt a little bad putting it in the garbage as it could stick whoever takes the garbage out, but I knew it was better to put it there than to have it laying around where someone's pet or child could get hurt on it.

To those of you who fish, please please PLEASE put your hooks and line away properly.  We were very lucky that Skilo or someone else wasn't hurt by the fish hook, but someone else might not be so lucky.

To those with pets, never try to remove a fish hook yourself and leave any fishing line you see, especially if they've swallowed the hook.  It will make the vet's job easier.

For more information and other stories, you can read these articles on BBC, Vet HQ, and Sunshine Coast Daily.

Aside from that snag, I'd say the trip to the park and the pond was a success!  I snapped a few pictures along the way, of the falls,

 of the tree with the cool roots,

and of the irises, but all of them turned out blurry except for the one I took while fooling around with the negative effect on my phone.  This ended up being my favourite picture of the day.

As for unplugging my laptop, I have plugged it back in (what can I say, it's an addiction!) but I am doing much better.  I've been good about not wasting my time on it doing mindless things.

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