Monday, 3 June 2013

Why My Shopping Trip was Almost a Success

Living nearly an hour outside of the city means going there for a shopping trip is a big deal. You get to go to all the nice stores that you don't have at home. Which is exactly why, when things go awry, going to the city to shop can be frustrating.

It started off fine. Bought some cool jewelry supplies to make a bracelet, went to David's Tea (my favourite), bought Walk Off the Earth's album, and bought a Scooby-Doo mug. The last thing I needed was a mug, but it was Scooby-Doo. It was meant for me.

I bought a romper at Sirens, a store we don't have at home. It was my plan to wear it when I took my best friend Erica out for supper. I took it out of the bag when I got home to discover that they didn't take the big security tag off. I called the store and asked how to get it off. Of course, they told me I'd have to take it into Sirens to get it off. I wasn't about to drive back to the city to have something done that should have been done before I left the store. How I even got out of there without the alarm going off I'll never know.

I turned to the magic of Google to see how to get it off. [DISCLAIMER: this link is so you can get the tags off when Sirens forgets to do it. Do not use this for shoplifting purposes. Shoplifting makes you a jerk and nobody likes jerks.] The pliers method shown in the video seemed easiest, so I thought I'd give it a try. However, upon learning that those tags have ink in them so you can't smash them off, I was reluctant to try it.

In one final attempt to get the darn thing off properly, I called Bluenotes, a store we do have at home. As Bluenotes and Sirens are run by the same company, YM Inc., maybe they could get it off. The girl at Bluenotes said they didn't use those sorts of tags at their store, but she suggested that maybe a store that did use them, like Mark's Work Warehouse, would be able to do it. It seemed like a stretch, but I wanted the pliers method to be a last resort. Off to the mall I went.

I beeped as I walked into Mark's. I went straight to the counter, said, "I have a weird question," and explained my situation. Without giving it a second thought, the cashier took the romper from me and got the tag off. She said, "that actually wasn't a weird question at all. We get stuff like this from the city and even the states all the time."

A sincere thank you goes out to Mark's Work Warehouse girl for getting it off and Bluenotes girl for giving me the idea!

In the long run, I suppose I did have a successful shopping trip after all. It just had an adventure in the middle.

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