Monday, 29 July 2013

I'm Trying My Best

Sometimes, however, you try really hard to DO, and it just isn't good enough, such as last year when no matter how hard I studied, I couldn't make above a C+ in History.

Or like Friday, when Craig, my supervisor, told me that my picking average was low, in spite of the fact that I do my best at work.  Told me I wasn't hitting the benchmark.  This is upsetting for me, because I enjoy my job, it's a great job, and I want need to be able to come back next summer.

First of all, I would like to point out that I am NOT here to talk badly of Craig.  He is obviously not at fault here; in fact, if he hadn't told me, I would continue to pick slow, and that would make the situation worse for both me and the company.  He's only doing his job.  He gets an email from the head honchos in Ontario with the statistics and it's his job to relay them to us.

That doesn't make me any less upset about being told that I'm not meeting expectations.  It isn't as though I don't try to do my best.  I don't slack off or screw around like a lot of people.  I will admit, I do sometimes stop to talk to people, but not any more than anyone else.  Perhaps less often.  I definitely don't take fifteen minute or longer bathroom parties at least once a day like the other girls I work with.  How can I possibly be picking any slower than them?  Based off of things said at break, I'm fairly certain I pick faster than some of the boys I work with.  So why am I the one being spoken to?

Enter Justin, the forklift driver from my shift who almost undoubtedly saved me from crying at some point Friday night.

He told me that Craig went around and told the other students that they had low picking averages too (he actually saw one guy punching stuff after Craig left because he was upset).  That fact alone made me feel better.  I was happy to hear that I wasn't the only one not hitting the benchmark.  Justin also told me that the two girls who were working in the warehouse last year skew the average as they already knew what they were doing and knew the warehouse better, and thus can pick faster.  He's right about that, I did the math.  Let's say the students pick 50 lines an hour, except the two girls, who pick twice as much.
Assuming the picking averages are calculated as a mean, which I imagine they are, then no, we're not meeting the average.  Even if the two who had been here last year only picked 75 lines an hour, we'd still be short of the mark.

This is a relief because it means that my low average is just a number and not an accurate depiction of how I am as a worker.  Whoo!  I'm not actually a lousy employee!

However, it's clearly the numbers that matter, and so feeling better about the situation isn't good enough.  Justin said that asking how I can improve will go a long way.  Not only will asking for help give me ways to improve, but showing that I care about my job and want to do better will make me look good.  I may even ask Craig what my average is and where I should be so I have a reference point and know how far off I am.  I feel that it will be easier for me to improve if I know where exactly I need to be rather than only knowing I need to be better than I am.

Worst case scenario is I'll do things to compensate.  I could start working before the bell, or work through my ten minute break.  No way am I giving up my half hour break though; this girl needs are coffee to get her through the shift!

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  1. In the end it is just to do your best and make sure the bosses know what you are up to. You are a hard worker but where you are new to the job being thrown into strange sections can lead to confusion and therefore lower picking averages. Different sections have different picking speeds. Take Kingway C for example, I can pick around 46 lines per hour, then in Non-Conveyable I am around 18 per hour.

    Again, you are an awesome worker. Just keep doing what you are doing and everything will be fine. Different sections, different averages.

    Justin, The Forklift Driver