Friday, 26 July 2013

How Am I Doing?

It never really occurred to me how fast the summer was going until I read my friend Ally's status:

This summer has been going by way too fast.

And geez, you know, she's right.  In 33 days, I'll be moving back to school.  I've been on vacation for nearly three full months, and what have I accomplished?  Time to bring out the summer bucket list and see what I have left to do.

  • Make a lot of money  And still making it!
  • Have an adventure  I got kidnapped on my birthday at midnight.  We drove around town and took pictures with the penguin statues at Walmart.  Jenna jokingly suggested we should do something illegal on my birthday, so she (accidentally, may I add) ran a red light.  It was fine, it was midnight so no one was around.
  • Donate blood  I'm going to donate a second time too, with Dad in August.
  • Do something I wouldn’t normally do  See post about my trip to Cuba.
  • See someone I wouldn’t normally see Nigel, my friend from another province was in my town for work, so we got together and went to Tim Hortons.
  • Celebrate my 19th
  • Take a “Dear Photograph” picture
  • Get more piercings  I can't do this until Dad and I donate blood, or else I would have gotten them by now.
  • See The Great Gatsby  Missed it in theatres.  Anyone know when it's coming to DVD?  Haven't given up hope on this item yet!
  • Drive the truck  Only once, but that still counts, right?
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Watch the sun rise
  • Cross something off my main bucket list
  • Go mud sliding
  • No boy drama  Summer isn't over yet, so I can't know if I'll be able to cross it off.  Knowing me, it won't get crossed off.
  • Clean out my room  It's a work in progress.
  • Go for a drive anywhere by myself
  • Ride the Zipper  I can't do this until the exhibition, which is in August
  • Finish my stop sign tag  As an avid crocheter, any graffiti I do is textile graffiti, like this tag I saw when I went to Paris,
    and I am in the process of covering the stop sign post.
  • Stop caring so much  I can't cross this off yet as it is an item that is ongoing, but I must say I've been good about caring less about what others think, and giving fewer craps about things that don't matter.

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