Monday, 16 December 2013

First World Problems: Wireless Internet

It seemed that right when everyone needed the internet most, during exam time, was the time when the internet was the crappiest in our residence.  As if it wasn't bad enough before.  So I did what any other good aspiring journalist should do:  I wrote an (angry) article about it with the help of the (equally angry) girls from my residence.

It’s the end of the semester—a time when students need the Internet to finish final papers and they need it now.  There is added stress when internet connections are unreliable.

Residents of Vanier Hall are getting fed up with it.  “I never used to have problems connecting with my internet, but the past month has been terrible,” said Sarah Thompson, a resident.  “All my connections are really crappy and slow, if I even do connect.  The worst is when I do connect to an internet, and all of a sudden I lose the connection.”

Emily L'Oiseau does not feel it’s right that she can’t connect because “we’re paying out the ass for this.”  Adrianne Hollington said frankly, “It’s a piece of shit.  It never works.”

Students can’t even rant to someone back home because the connection doesn’t allow for a decent Skype call.  “You should be able to go on Skype without being directly in front of the modem,” L’Oiseau said.  “Skyping is a bitch to do,” said Hollington.

Many of the young women in Vanier have been told  it’s Bell Aliant’s problem, which makes things worse.  “We have to fight with Bell,” said L’Oiseau.  Thompson agrees.  “Bell is never able to help at all.  Like, ‘Hi, I need your help to fix my god damn internet so I can do my work.’  It’s like you have to harass them for their help.”

When students are bogged down with research papers, the least the school can do is relieve them of one of their stressors.

That was one thing I was looking forward to when I came home for Christmas.  Reliable wireless.
Except, yeah no.  Our wireless isn't exactly reliable either.  It should be fine, but our router is a piece of junk.  We'll have perfect internet and then POOF! it's gone.

Maybe one day, when I'm rich and famous, and live in some far-off magical land, I'll have reliable internet.

Kudos to whoever made the picture above.  A parody of my favourite piece of art that accurately portrays my feelings.

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