Monday, 23 December 2013

The Cat, the Oven, and Keeping Myself Occupied

I love my cats more than anything in the world and my biggest fear is that one of them will get outside.  If ever I can't find one, my stomach knots and it doesn't feel better until I find whoever is missing.  Two of them I don't have to worry about:  Sal, because the outside has scared him ever since he accidentally got locked out in the snow, and Diesel, because he's persnickety and can't be bothered to be curious about what lies out there.  MacPherson, on the other hand, is a lot more curious than the other two, and has slipped out more than once.  That's why I worry when I can't find him.

It's worse this year because our basement door doesn't shut quite right.  If you're not careful, it will latch but not be shut tight, and if you're really not careful, it bounces back open.

Imagine my horror when I felt a draft coming from the basement and saw this cutie coming back in from outside.

I was worried if I tried to grab him he'd run back out and I'd never get him, so I stood, practically paralyzed, and said "MacPherson you get in here right now!"  And he did.  I gave him a scolding and then promptly called Dad, who was the real culprit here, and gave him a scolding too.  Mum and I may not always get the door to latch properly, but at least we get it to latch.

It didn't seem to bother MacPherson one bit that his fur was cold and his paws were wet or that I was scolding him.  I don't know how far he got (and I'd probably have a heart attack if I knew) but at least this incident proves he'd come back.

I'm extra paranoid now.  I don't think my blood pressure has gone all the way back down to normal yet.

That wasn't the only adventure this house has had this weekend.  Our oven is broken.  Again.  It happened once before in the summer, and now, with just days until Christmas, the oven doesn't heat up.  It's not that big of a deal really, just frustrating and inconvenient.  All it means is we might not have turkey dinner Christmas day like we had planned, and Uncle J may have to wait until after Christmas for his shortbread cookies.  But who knows, we might be able to get someone to fix it before then.  So much for doing some baking in place of Facebooking.

Otherwise, I've been doing well with this not-always-on-Facebook thing.  There's so many things to do.  Like decorating the tree...

...and trying way too hard to get a good picture of my favourite ornament.  This was the best I could do, and it's still terrible.  Darn phone pictures.  I swore that I'd never join Team Apple, but I have to admit, iPhones do take nice pictures.  This decoration is my favourite because I bought it in a cute little woodworking shop in Germany.  It's so quaint, but detailed, and I love reindeer.

Mum and I then took some (much better) pictures of ourselves in front of the tree, armed with knitting and crocheting of course.  We had a lot of fun taking them.  Mum got the biggest laugh out of it because she couldn't figure out how to set up the timer on the camera, and then if she flipped between pictures really fast, it looked like she was speed knitting and bobbing her head up and down.

I also made some crafts, like this cute one from Pinterest.

Haven't been able to see my friends much though.  It's been so icy and such and the weather forecasts are so unreliable this time of year that you don't know if you can get somewhere until it's time to go.  My friends from university wanted to get together for waffles and to exchange gifts, and realistically I could have made it, but the forecasted freezing rain made me hesitant.  My best friend Erica wanted to go out to the bars one night, but same thing, too much freezing rain (I mixed myself a drink anyway.  Cake flavoured vodka is delicious).  Our neighbours who moved away were going to visit us yesterday, but, you guessed it, freezing rain.  I did, however, get to see some friends from back home on Thursday.  We had lunch at Pizza Delight and had a great time.  It was really good to see them again.

I'm just glad I got all my Christmas shopping done before the rash of freezing rain.  I'll drink some cake flavoured vodka to that!

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