Monday, 30 December 2013

What I Expect from Professors

I shouldn't have to remind my professor that I passed an exam into him 15 days ago and note that he's the only prof I'm waiting on for marks.

But that's what I had to do Saturday night because I got sick of hoping he'd post the marks in a timely fashion like all my other profs.

If there aren't deadlines for professors to have marks in, then there should be.  We are expected as students to have assignments in on or before the assigned deadline.  It seems only fair that we get our marks back promptly as well.

I've waited, I've joined fellow classmates in their frustration, I've written rant-y statuses, and I posted this picture:

(I don't even watch South Park, but the meme conveys my feelings quite well).

Even my Art professor--terrible as he was and as much as I disliked him--had my marks posted shortly after we wrote the exam.

It's not like my GPA depends on this one mark, fortunately.  I expect to do well in the course and even if I do kind of crappy, it won't bring down my GPA so low that I can't keep my scholarship.  It's just annoying not having it.

My message to you, Sociology prof, is this:  If between you and your TA, you can't get our marks back promptly like everyone else can, then maybe you shouldn't have given us a take home exam with four 1000 word essays, ten short answer questions, and a 500 word bonus question.  You did this to yourself and now we're paying for it.

As for my Art prof, the whole class was terrible.  Aside from great conversations I had with the people I sat with, the best part of that class was leaving.  I mean that too.  The six paintings we had to do for his class were the only things that I could take seriously.  The three papers I wrote for him were bullshit, the lectures were bullshit, the exam was bullshit, and the "Dimensional Project" could have been literal bullshit if you could connect it to an art movement well enough.

Class time was never useful, but you went because attendance counted towards your final grade.  I often had crocheting with me because paying attention wasn't crucial.

No one liked him, no one liked the class, no one paid attention, and no one gave two hoots about it.  The only day we were excited for class was the day of class evaluations when we got to tell the school exactly what we thought of him--and while many people were probably more harsh than was necessary, they weren't exactly wrong in their judgments either.

But what really grinds my gears is that he would arbitrarily decide on a Tuesday that a painting or part of a paper needed to be done by that Thursday, even though there was no mention of it in the syllabus, and then half the time, wouldn't even talk about the work you were to complete the day he said he wanted it.  A lifesaver for those that didn't do it, but extremely frustrating for those that did.


This is totally unfair; we put a lot of time and effort into those paintings, not to mention that some people are done, either for the year for whatever reason, or have graduated by Christmas break.  How are they supposed to get their things back?

To him I have this to say:  If you expect us to have our paintings passed in on time, then the least you can do for us, seeing as you were such a terrible prof, is have our paintings marked by exam day.  For some of us, your exam was our last.  Not to mention that I really don't have space to keep six 16"x20" canvases in my prison cell sized dorm room.  Get it together. 

All I ask is that professors treat us with the same respect that we are expected to treat them, and to me, that includes having things done on time, wouldn't you agree?

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  1. I do agree with you. Not just professors and teachers, but any professional (ie: doctors) should treat people with the same respect and courtesy as they expect to be treated themselves. Now, I am not religious BUT the Christian saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" seems very appropriate in this case. If your professor expects work to be handed in in a timely fashion, then the work should be marked and handed back in the same fashion.