Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I Only Just Got Here and It has Already Begun

Before I even left to go back to school, I had:
  • 3 documents open for my Broadcast Journalism class
  • 6 tabs with videos open for the same class
  • 9 alarms set to make sure I get where I need to be on time
  • and had planned 2 potential bus routes to the CBC station where my Broadcast Journalism class takes place.
I may already be on cocaine.

By the time I got here, I had already watched all six videos, read all the documents, and skimmed over them a second time.

After my first class I made an effort to complete the already assigned homework and find the textbook before my next class.

Second class presented me with an assignment worth 15% due on Monday.

Third class informed me that I will have a lot of homework always.  There will always be quizzes on current events, there will always be articles to write, and there will always be story meetings.  This professor outright encouraged us to bring coffee.

I've updated my calendar with so many readings and tests and assignments that my eyes started to dazzle and my brain got fuzzy.

My room is already a mess because my desk, laundry basket, and one drawer are nearly inaccessible because the fridge is in the way.

Of course, when I say "it has already begun," I mean the not so great stuff as well.  Within the first ten minutes of being here, I managed to lock myself and my parents out of my room.  My roommate wanted to rearrange the room and in doing so, we've somehow messed up one of the electrical outlets.  That means the fridge is in a very inconvenient place until the outlet where it is supposed to be gets fixed.  The phone only has a dial tone 50% of the time.  We had lost internet but now the router is literally broken so we have to make do with the weaker WiFi we can pick up from down the hall.  On top of this, two of my friends are having boy troubles and as much as I want to have girls' nights with them all the time until things get sorted out, I already have so much homework that I can't afford to always be painting nails, drinking wine, and watching chick flicks and trashy TV shows.


And that, dear readers, is why my post is a day late.

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