Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Scientific Observation: Getting Things Done Only Works When You Have Things to Do

First, I was all,

'cause of homework, but now I'm like, "There's nothing to do."

Getting everything done only seems to apply when there's things to get done.

I went from having two assignments, a quiz, and a journal entry to only having a article to write for community journalism.  And it's weird, and it makes me feel like I'm forgetting something that I have to do.

I mean, I could be cleaning my room, or doing laundry, or going for a walk, so I guess I do have things to do, just not a lot of school stuff.

Honestly, it's a huge relief.  When, within the first week, I had all that homework, I was worried I was going to feel overwhelmed constantly, but knowing that there will be lulls, I feel better about the whole situation.

Heck, it seems the only thing I'm behind on now is blog posts!

I have time to actually READ the text books.  That's never happened before.

That being said, time to sign off and do laundry, or clean, or read, or walk, or crochet, because if I'm going to get everything done forever, then I'm going to get everything done.

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