Thursday, 20 February 2014

Why Losing My Phone was Probably Good for Me

I'm the sort of person who gets attached to objects and I get really upset when I lose them.  I wouldn't say I'm materialistic--it's not like I really care about having the brand name thing or the newest thing.  It's just that I try to take care of and be responsible for what I do have.

Naturally, when I lost my phone last Friday, I was devastated.  I mean, stomach in knots, call my parents, can't really sleep devastated.  And not even because I can't function without my phone (though admittedly I was struggling), but just from the sheer fact that I had lost it.

So now I have a new phone, and it's pretty great.  Superficial as it may be, I'm extremely happy that my new phone has a front-facing camera.  It makes taking selfies and using Snapchat a lot easier.

But now that I've thought about it, I've realized how good for me it was that I lost my old one.

For starters, it reminded me that it doesn't matter how responsible you are, or think you are, things are going to happen anyway and you don't have a lot of control over it.  You just have to accept that.

It also reminded me how fast things can happen.  I lost my phone somewhere between leaving for the bus stop and getting off the bus, and it wasn't long after getting off that I noticed it was missing.  I promptly went back to the bus to look for it and it was nowhere to be found.  And I just had to accept that.

I can't let myself get worked up over something trivial.  I can't get upset over losing something with no sentimental value.  Especially when it's easily replaceable.

So, psychologically, it was good for me because it showed me that I shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

A more practical lesson was the importance of backing things up.  It was just luck that I didn't have anything important saved to my phone, and even luckier that any pictures I may have wanted, like the ones from the Joel Plaskett concert,  were already saved in Dropbox.  Now with my new phone, I make sure I save everything to either Dropbox or Evernote or both.  If something happens to this phone, I may not be lucky twice.  Seriously guys, Dropbox and Evernote.  Get them.  Super useful.

Lastly, it gave me a clean slate.  I had just bought a phone with no contacts and no extra apps.  Now all that's on my phone are people I actually text and apps I actually use.

Sidebar:  Apps You'll Use According to Taylor

  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Snapchat
  • Brightest Flashlight
  • Merriam-Webster
  • Instagram
  • Flappy Bird
I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my old phone.  While this phone is different, it's similar enough to my old phone that it gets me confused and frustrated.  Nevertheless, I try to look at the positive side of things, and it seems that losing my phone is a lot more positive than it first appeared.

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  1. Kudos to you for your positivity! Although it's sad that you lost your original phone, that didn't stop you from looking at the brighter side of the situation. It's good that you're adjusting well with your new phone! You even have a list of must-have apps now, which I'm going to take note of for future reference. Hahah! Stay positive, Taylor!

    Mary Hagopian @ TelCo World