Monday, 5 May 2014

Quick Trip to the SPCA

I've always been a big animal lover, cats especially, and I've always been a supporter of the SPCA.  Months and months ago, I crocheted some pet blankets to donate and I finally donated them this weekend.


These blankets I had made specifically for donating.  I had a whole bunch of chunky yarn that I knew I wasn't going to use so I decided to do some good with it.  I also donated this baby blanket that I made years ago and didn't have a baby to give it to.

It's actually a lot bigger than the picture lets on.  In the photo it's folded in quarters.

I couldn't possibly go to the SPCA without looking at the cats.  Mum really liked this guy, Davenport, who was seized from a hoarding situation.

It's not the best picture but he just wouldn't stay still.

I liked Whiskers the best.  I would have taken him home in a heartbeat, but we have three cats already.  He was a sweet, ten year old cat who absolutely loves hugs.  His old owner died.  :(

All of my cats were shelter cats.  In my opinion, that's the best place to get pets.  I don't fully understand why some people would pay a pet store or breeder big bucks for a pet (who's parents aren't always* kept in the best of care or treated well) when you could adopt a sweet, homeless cat or dog.  And many of them seem very appreciative to have a new "forever home."

*Emphasis on the "aren't always."  I have friends who breed ragdoll kittens and the mother is more than well looked after.  Even so, I would still adopt a shelter cat before I would purchase from a breeder.

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