Monday, 12 May 2014

Truck Yeah!

I've always been a big fan of big trucks, especially dump trucks, ever since I was little.  Dad and his brother run their own trucking company and so big trucks are something I grew up around.

This is me on my sixth birthday in front of two of Dad's dump trucks.  Now, for my 20th birthday, I got something I've wanted for a few years now.

This is an original, unused decal from Dad's trucks.  It was never used because they decided to use magnetic decals instead.  If I ever find a magnetic one, I'd like to keep it too.  Dad figures they got rid of them all when they stopped using them, though I'm not sure there's not one tucked away in the garage somewhere.

I've always thought the big trucks were the coolest thing.  That's why one of my favourite birthday cakes was my third birthday with the dump trucks and loaders on it, why my first school project was about dump trucks, loaders, and bulldozers, and why I was so happy that Dad took me to grade 12 prom in the loader.

Looking back, the dump trucks were a really big part of my life, childhood especially, and I'm really glad they were.


  1. Your Dad must be some proud that his little girl loves what he does for a living, even though she is a journalism major.

    I still think that going to prom in a loader has to be up near the top when it comes to the ultimate prom rides.

    If I was you, some night, sneak oit and 'borrow' a magnetic sign from a truck, if not, you might mot be as lucky to find one like you did the decal.

    1. That's the problem: I can't "borrow" one. They don't use the decals anymore. :( Or else maybe I would.