Monday, 2 June 2014


I took a break from blogging on Thursday because I was trying to have a day to myself.  But the feeling of obligations doesn't go away just from shirking only one duty.

The warehouse is on the brink of getting a new system for picking that is paperless.  We are scheduled to switch to a headset system on the 16th.  Between this and the new expansion on the warehouse that we're starting to use, there's been a bit of a mad scramble to get things switched around and put away.

There has been overtime every day since I've been back to work, and two Saturday morning overtimes (of which I've done both), to compensate for two things:  A slight shortage of workers every time there's training (I start training today!) and the fact that inventory has to be perfect for the system to work properly.  And newsflash, it's not.

Because of what happened last year, I feel like I need to prove to Craig and to myself that I'm an awesome-as-hell picker, so I've been trying to do as much overtime as I can without feeling burnt out.

Last week, we were expecting to have some busy days because the week after a short week--due to Victoria Day weekend--is always busy.  Craig suggested that term workers and students should come in to do overtime on Monday and Thursday especially.  "Perfect," I thought to myself.  "Last week I did OT three days in a row and I felt tired the whole time.  I'll do OT Monday and Thursday, and that'll give me plenty of time to get rested up between 12 hour days."

But life has a way of throwing curve balls at you.

  • Sunday I brought my crocheting to church because I hate just sitting.
    • In doing so, a lady from church saw me and commissioned me to make her a baby blanket and hat for a baby shower she has to go to.  In my excitement, I forget to ask her when she needs it by.  I get Mum to email her for me.
  • Monday I go to overtime as planned.
  • Tuesday I have to go to town to do make-up 4-H judging in the 4-H office.  That afternoon at work, the steel started to let go in my boots.
  • Wednesday I go shopping for new boots.  Takes longer than you'd expect because women's steel toed boots are not the easiest thing to find, and then find ones you like or that fit.  By this time, that's three mornings gone and in spite of having only done one day of overtime, I'm no less tired than I was the week before.
  • Thursday I say "screw it" and decide I'm having a day with no obligations.  No overtime, no blogging, no obligations.  Wheeeeeee!
  • Friday the lady from church finally gets back to us.  The shower is the next Friday coming.  Crap, but challenge accepted.
  • Overtime is posted for Saturday.  I feel guilty for not going in on Thursday, and time and a half with free breakfast is time and a half with free breakfast, so I go in.
  • Sunday is crochet day.  I want the blanket to be square and I'm estimating it to be a quarter of the way done.  I might have this finished by Friday after all.
Now it's Monday and I have training and I feel guilty for not being there to help pick for nearly half the week so of course I'm planning to come for OT when I can to show that I'm an awesome-as-hell picker except that cuts into crochet time and I still need to do laundry because I'm nearly out of underwear and my room is a disgrace and I still need to get my bagpipes back to Cindy because I'm not in a position at this time to continue playing but pipes practice is when I'm at work so I have to rely on Mum and Dad to take them in but they can't tonight because Diesel is going to the vet for a check up and the bagpipes take up so much space in an already cluttered room that I don't have time to clean because of overtime and crocheting and AUGH!

Breathe in, Breath out, Rant over.

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  1. Game plan! Game plan! Game plan! The best plan of action is to look at all that needs to me done and break it down. If you try and do too much at once then all you are going to do is frustrate yourself and nothing will get done.

    Make a list of priorities. Clean undies probably rate high on that list. A lot of times, one task cannot be completed until another has been done. By building a game plan, you will know what needs to be done and in what order. Breaking it down over a number of days will also make it not seem as big of a chore either.

    As for the dedication towards your work. It is admirable because too many people today would simple look at the training and feel that they have gotten out of work while still getting paid. That dedication will serve you well later in life. Keep up the good work!