Monday, 9 June 2014

Sometimes the Best Successes are the Small Ones

Perhaps this week I won't feel so run ragged.

Thursday I took a blogging break again, but today I'm back, and I'm well rested and feeling refreshed!

With the warehouse's "Go Live" day fast approaching, we've been quite busy.  You may remember from last week that I had planned to come in for overtime to compensate for the fact that I would be spending half my shift in training.

The downside to that was that I had a blanket to finish for a friend of Mum's, and working 12 hours a day left me little time to do it.

However, Tuesday's training left me some good news.  I'm just so damn good at this new system that I didn't need to come back for more training, and I got to leave early.  Seriously.  Jeff, the man training me, sat me down in front of a computer and told me to go over the different voice command slides until it was my turn to use the model warehouse.  You can only go over six slides so many times without getting bored, so I ended up drawing pictures of sheep on MS Paint.

When it was my turn to use the model warehouse, I got right to it, and fake picked to my heart's desire, going over every possible hiccup I may come to, like not having enough product or needing to open a new box or passing the assignment to another worker.  In other words, I was using the commands I had just studied, which is what I had done the previous day.

Seeing as I wasn't learning anything new, I wondered if maybe I was doing the wrong thing.

"Jeff, what exactly do you need me to be doing?"
"Just practice your voice commands."
"I have been.  I did this all Monday too."
"Then you can go and you don't need to come back tomorrow or Thursday."

Sweet, now I don't have to come in for overtime, so I can get that blanket done!

And I did, after much cursing because my skein of yarn farted out some of the biggest tangles I've ever seen.

I'm hoping that this week will be a little smoother.  For starters, I don't have any crocheting obligations, I don't have to come in for overtime (though I'm sure I will), and I only have to go to town once this week--that I know of.

Maybe I can finally get my 16000 loads of laundry done, haha!

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  1. 16000? You didn't look under your bed, huh? I think you missed a 0 in that number!!!!