Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Embarrassing Jammie Adventure

A few weeks ago, I bought myself onesie jammies.  They are leopard print and they have a hood with ears and a cat face.  They are super comfy and warm.

Thursday night I went to Jenna and Tasha's for a study sesh and sleepover.  I wore my jammies to their apartment and didn't pack clothes with me.  Classes were all done and I didn't need to be anywhere Friday, so I didn't feel the need to pack any.

The next morning, I left in a rush, and that's where the story starts.

For some context, I have a lot of classes at the CBC station for journalism.  The school hires students to work in the equipment room to keep track of who has signed out what cameras for class.  I'm one of those people.

But back to Friday.  When I woke up Friday morning, I remembered I had to pass in my time card right away and had to get to campus as soon as I could.  I also remembered I had lent Tasha one of the DSLR cameras from CBC so she could take some nice pictures, and I had to make sure I didn't leave the apartment without it.

I threw on a pair of Jenna's jeans and a top of hers and stuffed my jammies into the camera bag and ran out the door.  I got my time card passed in on time and headed to CBC to return the camera and work on my radio documentary. 

Fast forward to Monday.  I was leaving for home the next day so I wrote up a packing list, and of course, my onesie jammies made the list.  But when it came to packing, I could not find them anywhere.  I tore my room apart but they were nowhere to be found.  The last time I remembered having them, I was at Jenna and Tasha's.  "Well I must have left them there, then," I concluded.  I had to drop some of Jenna's stuff off to her anyway, so I'd pick them up then.

But again, they were nowhere to be found.  Where in the world were they?  I began replaying the morning over in my head.

"I know I left in a rush.  I stood at the end of the bed and took them off and put Jenna's clothes on.  I thought I left them at the end of the bed because they wouldn't fit in my backpack and I knew I'd be back later.  I went in the living room to grab the camera bag and--THE CAMERA BAG!"

I looked at the time.  It was 8:00.  I didn't have much time to waste because the last bus back from CBC was shortly after 9:00.  I ran home and got my keys and waited for the bus.

And waited.

And waited.

And the bus never came.  So I had to walk, and it was about -13 or so out.  I don't know yet where that bus was, because it never passed me on my freezing cold walk uptown.  I was so frozen when I got to CBC that I couldn't move my face.  I was glad no one was there because I don't think I could have spoken to them.  I made a beeline for the camera bag, and sure enough, there were my jammies.

I was so frozen I pulled the jammies on over top of my clothes.  Right in the equipment room.  Between that and taking silly pictures at work...

the security guard must think I'm crazy when he sees the security tape.  But I could not have cared less.  I was froze to the bone.

I got on the bus and sat in front where the seats face each other.  Across from me sat these two girls who kept looking at each other and giving me super judge-y looks.  I was a little put out.  They didn't understand the circumstances.  But then I thought of what I must have looked like.

I had on fleece leopard print pants (as far as they could tell), and they might have noticed the hood with the ears, and snow boots, and earmuffs shaped like cats.  I must have looked ridiculous!  Once I realized this, I had to try so hard not to start giggling to myself.  It became harder when I thought of how weird I must have looked in my getup with a big dumb smile on my fave.  Once I got off the bus I had a good laugh about it.

Moral of the story: Don't leave your jammies at CBC, but more importantly, you have to know how to laugh at yourself.


  1. The only way to make this story better is if you had of left the jammies in the camera bag and waited to see peoples reactions!

  2. There truly is nothing worse then that "OMG! I left THAT THERE!" feeling. It is a combination of embarrassment of thinking what people are going to think when they find what you left and fear that whoever finds it, might take it. Some days I wonder what is worse, the embarrassment or the fear. Most days the fear of losing the item is worse because most people will have a good sense of humour and can laugh off the embarrassment.

    I have always laughed at people that wear their jammies out in public to places like Walmart and the mall but I think you being in a onsie may have been and exception. I think I would have gotten a good laugh out of it, if I saw you.

    Glad that it all worked out in the end. :o)