Friday, 27 May 2016

92 Things You Can Get Rid Of

I'm not sure which happened first: I started decluttering or I started pinning decluttering posts on Pinterest.  In any case, I've been doing both.  I'll be moving in late August and it'd be nice to move as little stuff as possible.

The several pins about what to get rid of had a lot of good ideas, but none of them felt right, you know?  Some weren't long enough while one claiming "200+ things to get rid of today" had items that could be considered duplicates.

I have compiled the lists and now present to you, 92 Things You Can Get Rid of to Clear Out Clutter.

Some of these things you might think are useful and worth keeping, and in some cases I'd agree with you.  But if you have MULTIPLES of some items, like nail files or pencil sharpeners or rulers, you can get rid of the extras.

1.  Air fresheners requiring refills that you haven't refilled in months

2.  Batteries-- I don't know why the old ones even end up back in the drawer.

3.  Binders/folders-- Go through what's in them and get rid of empty, unused folders.

4.  Board games-- Unless you know you're going to play Perfection again...

5.  Worn out bobby pins

6.  Books-- Don't keep books you've read unless they're ones you like to reread.


8.  Boxes

9.  Brochures-- Like travel brochures.  Unless you're serious about an Ireland trip.

10.  Business cards-- Take pictures of ones from businesses you know you want/need to contact.

11.  Buttons

12.  Calculators-- We have phones now.

13.  Candles-- Use 'em or lose 'em.

14.  Carabiners-- I have two big ones I take grocery shopping to hold my bags together and make it easier on my hands when I'm carrying my groceries.  But I don't need the little ones.

15.  Cards-- We re-purpose old Christmas cards into gift tags.

16.  Catalogs-- It's May, why do you still have The Wish Book?

17.  CDs-- We all stream and torrent, I mean, legally download our music now, right?

18.  Chapstick-- Get rid of the old half-used tube you found while cleaning out the junk drawer.

19.  Cookie cutters

20.  Cords/cables to things you no longer have or have multiples of.

21.  Expired coupons

22.  Craft supplies-- Blogger Holly Bertone of The Coconut Head's Survival Guide said it best:
“Why should I toss [an unopened bag of white pom poms] when I might need them some day for an unknown craft or school project?  Is it more important to “waste” $0.99 or “waste” space?  I can’t think of anything specific in the next year where I will need craft pom poms.  If I do, …a bag costs $0.99.”

23.  DVDs-- see number 17.

24.  Earrings you don't wear or don't have mates.

25.  Electronics-- Find where to recycle them in your area because you know you can't throw them out (That's why you still have you old phone, isn't it?).

26.  Email subscriptions-- While it's not physical clutter, it'll make you feel decluttered.

27.  Fancy dishes you use once a year-- The deviled eggs you make for [insert annual occasion here] don't have to go on a deviled egg tray.  They can go on a regular plate.

28.  Flash drives-- You probably only need one or two.

29.  Fortune cookie fortunes

30.  Gift cards

31.  Gifts/notes from old romances-- I once held onto a dolphin snow globe an old boyfriend gave me.  But then I thought, "Man he cheated on me, why am I keeping this?  And I'm not even into dolphins!"

32.  Stretched out hair elastics


34.  Extra clothes hangers

35.  Keys that you don't know what they go to (or you do know but don't have that thing anymore).

36.  Key chains

37.  Kid's art projects

38.  Knick knacks-- Sometimes I get nostalgic and buy a Kinder Surprise (sorry America), but I don't need to keep the plastic car I put together.

39.  Lanyards

40.  Loyalty cards

41.  Magazines

42.  Magnets

43.  Makeup-- Get rid of old stuff and what you don't use.

44.  Manuals-- We have the internet now.

45.  Mason jars-- Ok, mason jars are super useful and I think you should keep them, but if they're taking over your cupboard or you have more than you have need for, get rid of some.

46.  Measuring cups/spoons-- You only need one set of each.

47.  Medicine-- for that thing you had that one time that went away but you hung onto the leftover meds in case it came back but it's been four years now and it's probably no good anyway.

48.  Memorabilia-- You don't need to keep a thing to keep a memory.

49.  Mugs-- I know, I am a hypocrite for including this in the list.

50.  Nail files

51.  Filled or unused notebooks/planners

52.  Old paint

53.  Pantyhose-- "But the run is in the toe so if I wear close toed shoes I-" No. Chuck 'em.

54.  Paper plates

55.  Paperwork-- Many pins I've seen recommended getting rid of anything over seven years old.

56.  Party supplies

57.  Pencil sharpeners

58.  Pens that don't work or you got for free at the home show.

59.  Pet toys-- Your cat only likes the milk ring, the crinkle ball, and the catnip mouse.

60.  Flattened or old pillows

61.  Phone books

62.  Place mats/table cloths

63.  Plastic cutlery

64.  Plastic shopping bags-- We keep some to line the garbage can, but when we have too many, we stop collecting and start collecting again when we're running low.

65. Posters you'll never hang up again

66.  Old prescription glasses

67.  Projects you'll never finish-- You know the one.

68.  Promotional swag

69.  Purses-- A purse for everyday and one for good is likely all you need.

70.  Office supplies-- WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY RULERS OH MY GOD.

71.  Samples-- If you haven't tried it yet, you aren't going to.

72.  Old screws/nails

73.  Old sheets

74.  Extra shoelaces

75.  Socks with holes or without mates.

76.  Spices you don't use.

77.  Sticky notes

78.  Stress balls-- You can't find it when you need it anyway.

79.  Tacks

80.  Takeout menus

81.  Textbooks

82.  Ticket stubs-- If you have sentimental ones, find a way to make them useful or pretty.  I have the ones from my Europe trip in a memory box.

83.  Tissue paper-- I'm looking at you, Grammie, who folded the tissue paper as she unwrapped gifts so she could reuse it.

84.  Toiletries-- Like hotel shampoos or lotions you aren't going to use.

85.  Towels that have seen better days

86.  Travel alarm clock-- We have phones now.

87.  Travel mugs

88.  Tupperware

89.  Twist ties-- I try not to bring them in the house.  If I go to Bulk Barn, I tie the bag rather than reach for a twist tie.

90.  Underwear-- It's fine to have a few grungy pairs as "period panties" amirite ladies?  But you don't need that many pairs.

91.  Kitchen utensils you have multiples of

92.  White out-- IMO white out looks ugly.  Just cross it out with a single line.

Remember, get rid of anything you have multiples of.  And to quote William Morris, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."


  1. Hi Taylor. I cannot agree with #51. I keep all my notebooks once they're full... and I refer back to them frequently. They're fun to go through too, like a little journal of what I was doing and when. Of course no two people will ever agree on every item (especially when there's 92!) but it's a really well-put-together list, and I enjoyed reading it and I heard your voice in my head as I did!

    I used to save sample-size toiletries for when I travel, but unless it's something I know I like, I'm not going to risk a break-out or a bad-hair day when I'm out and about.

  2. PS: I know she takes a lot of flack for the "spark joy" concept, but really, why would you keep something that makes you a little bit sad or guilty-feeling every time you come across it? Also, I do like the emphasis on deciding what to keep instead of what not to keep. It's a subtle difference but it makes it easier to let go. Having said that, you've seen my house so I should really just be quiet. :D

  3. I can't get on board with the "phones and internet for everything" angle personally - we have free wifi that's spotty as hell so of I need to know something or figure out how to make the TV work when it's down, I'd rather not be screwed. Same with my CDs and DVDs, I'm a hardcopy control freak and always will be.

    1. I used to do this until I got an external hard drive. Ripped/downloaded all my media, put copies of important user manual pdfs and whatnot, scanned or downloaded copies of tax documents and the like... and the whole thing is the same size as two or three DVD cases.